Over 40 Years Serving the Inland Northwest.


New to furniture restoration? Let us answer some of your questions!


Over 40 Years Serving the Inland Northwest.


New to furniture restoration? Let us answer some of your questions!


Always striving for excellence through quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.
We’re proud to be one of the few shops in the area providing full service options for all of your furniture needs.
Two generations of women owners serving the Inland Northwest since 1978.


We can perform a full spectrum of wood repairs from antique restoration to dog chews. We recreate broken rungs, work with insurance companies for moving, fire and flood damage restoration, or replace caning and rushing.


Our refinishing process starts with a flow-over stripping process that’s gentler on the joints than a dip tank. We can custom color match stains and tinted lacquer to almost any request. We finish the piece with durable lacquer that can be anything from flat to high gloss.


We’re unique because we offer the full spectrum of refinishing and repair in addition to upholstery. We can make sure your piece is structurally sound and the exposed wood beautifully restored before you invest in new upholstery.

As the business is handed from one generation to the next, we sat down to talk about the past 40 years, and how we plan to continue for 40 more.


Do I need an appointment to bring in my items?

You are welcome to stop by our office anytime during our office hours for an estimate. We are open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. We require a 1/2 deposit on all items left at our shop for restoration, repair, or reupholstery.

Can you give me an estimate if I email you a picture?

Yes, you can send a picture of your item and we can give you a rough ballpark on cost. However, there are many variables that we will not be able to tell from a picture. Those variables may include structural repairs, size, type of finish, etc. When emailing pictures, take one picture of the front, and one picture of the back, and then take pictures of any specific damage. Sending measurements will help, but again we will only be able to give you a ballpark cost.

How long will you take to complete my project?

Every project completion date varies based on the size of the project and the amount of work we have in the shop. On average our schedule is 3-6 months out. After we see your project in person and provide an estimate we give a due date. We collect 1/2 deposit as part of holding a spot on our schedule. Due dates can be delayed if we don’t receive decisions such as stain color or fabric selection in a timely manner.

Would you help me unload/load my furniture during my visit?

We are happy to assist in unloading and loading your furniture. However, we assume no liability for the furniture outside of our doors. When you come to pick up your furniture we ask that you bring supplies appropriate for protecting the furniture in transport such as padded blankets and items to secure the furniture.

Do you make "house calls"?

Yes, we make “house calls”, but we do charge for them. House calls include estimates, pick up, and delivery. All of our “house call” visits are by one of our Doctors, so they will be able to evaluate your restoration project, give you a firm estimate, and even load the furniture in our commercial van to transport it to our shop. At the time of the estimate/pick up the estimation fee plus a 1/2 deposit for the estimated work is required.

I want to fix it myself. Can I buy hardware, foam or wood from you?

Sorry, we special order these items for every project. We are not set up to resell to the public. Your best resource for your search is Amazon. The one thing we can order for you is fabric.

Can you help with an insurance claim?

Yes, we will gladly work with an insurance company and with the client to estimate and repair all or part of insurance related damage. We are members of CPPC the Claims Prevention and Procedure Council which assists in referrals and the correct handling of all types of insurance related claims. We can also arrange for second party repairs such as upholstery cleaning, clock mechanism repair, glassware replacement, etc.

Can you restore furniture that has been damaged through fire, flood or moving?

Yes, we have been doing this type of work for 30+ years. Often favorite family pieces are severely damaged through some type of disaster. Sometimes an entire house full of furniture is moved to our shop. We restore numerous pieces while the damaged home is being repaired. We can do what is needed to repair the damaged areas from minor touch up to complete refinishing to remove and repair the damaged areas.

Can you store my piece once it is complete?

A storage fee of $10 per item per day will be charged on all items left in our shop over 2 weeks. In the event items are not picked up within 12 weeks of completion or where Customer is not responsive to Furniture Doctors’ communications for a period of 12 weeks or more, Furniture Doctors may dispose of such items at its own discretion.