Jackie and Lisa

The Furniture Doctors, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business conveniently located in Rathdrum, Idaho. We specialize in the repair, refinishing, restoration, and reupholstering of your valuable furniture and wood pieces.

We utilize the best of old and new techniques, products and equipment to enhance the natural beauty and strength of your pieces through refinishing, repair, touch-up, and reupholstering. Over 40 years of success is firmly based upon our dedication to our customers and a personal desire to serve. This has been proven through the reputation we have gained while serving the Inland Northwest since 1978.

Our clients come to us from all over the Inland Northwest, including Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Hayden Lake, Post Falls, Rathdrum, Sandpoint, Silver Valley, St. Maries, Liberty Lake, Spokane, Moscow, Lewiston/Clarkston, Western Montana, and Eastern Washington.



is owner and shop manager. She grew up at The Furniture Doctors so it was not a surprise when she joined her parents full time in 1998. Over the last couple of years, she’s started the process of taking over the business from her parents. She is a master craftswoman and has perfected many of the techniques we use in the shop. Lisa is now teaching those skills to others. As Shop Manager she also oversees workflow and quality control.


is our founding owner and is now fully retired. She started The Furniture Doctors in 1978. Jackie studied industrial technology at the University of Idaho and eventually obtained her master’s degree. Her study of finishing technologies helpe The Furniture Doctors to be a leader in the furniture restoration industry. To ensure her legacy of quality craftsmenship continues, she created the educational materials for The Furniture Doctors in-house certification training program. In her retirement, Dr. Jackie is enjoying biking and volunteer work.


is an original co-owner and is now fully retired. His college coursework in engineering and architecture provided him with the knowledge and ability to fabricate new pieces and create structural procedures that are currently used by our technicians. You may still catch him swinging through the shop from time to time. He’s our on-call expert consultant for tricky structural repairs. In his retirement, Dr. Paul is enjoying spending time with his grandchildren as well as performing volunteer work.


has a keen focus that led him to work towards mastering the trade of finishing. Much like his favorite furniture styles of Craftsman and Mid-Century Modern, he’s always looking for opportunities to improve, both to make processes more efficient, and to deliver excellence to our customers. He enjoys the soothing repetitiveness of the finishing process which is kept exciting by the variety of furniture that comes through the shop.


has over a years worth of experience that he brings to The Furniture Doctors. An avid reader, he has learned a lot about furniture and different styles, and has expressed that his favorite styles are Eastlake and Queen Anne. He loves coming to work everyday because he gets to experience firsthand what he has only ever read about before. Always willing to help, and a dedicated worker, he makes a wonderful addition to our team!


has honed his woodworking skills as a hobbyist for over 47 years, and as a full-time woodworker with us for many years. He enjoys fabricating wood parts by hand, particularly on some more intricate projects we’ve done including an antique apple press and a Nordic model of a church. He attributes his gifts with wood to God and working with a supportive team here at The Furniture Doctors.



has been building furniture for his own personal enjoyment for over two decades and has 5 years of professional construction experience. He regularly remarks that he can’t believe he’s being paid to do what he loves, bringing old furniture back to life. He lives for keeping a furniture story alive to see the customer’s face light up when they see it again for the first time. This is exactly what happened with a hoosier cabinet project we recently completed.


has a degree in clothing, textiles and design from the University of Idaho. She spent five years as a seamstress before switching to learn the upholstery trade. Her artistic spirit allows her to be creative and find unique solutions to the toughest upholstery dilemmas. She enjoys discovering lost memories and transforming furniture, particularly Eastlake and Art Deco styles.



our upholstery tech, finds that upholstery allows her to fill her creative spirit on a daily basis. She loves breathing new life into old furniture and looking at all of the pieces of the puzzle to solve the furniture riddles. She’s drawn to ornately carved wood furniture, the grander the better, possibly with a little red velvet.


another one of our amazing upholstery techs, has been saving and restoring unique furniture pieces for years as a personal hobby. One of her favorite aspects of her position is having a front row seat to view so many beautiful, old, and original pieces from the past. She has a bright smile accompanied with a hands on can-do attitude that makes her a great addition to the Furniture Doctors family.


an upholstery tech, finds satisfaction in working with her hands making her role perfect for her! She loves that there is always something different to work on and learn about. Her favorite furniture style to work on is Biedermeier, and her favorite fabric is green velvet. She makes a wonderful addition to our team!


has years of experience managing an office. She likes everything to run at optimum efficiency, but as our numbers gal it also has to fit within a budget (of course). She loves to joke around and treat everyone here like a second family. No piece of furniture is too grand for her, the more detailed and ornate the better.

The Beginning of
The Furniture Doctors

Start of the Flow Over wood stripping system.

The Early Years

We developed unique touch-up & repair skills for on-site service throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The Prairie Ave Location

We moved to a barn and began expanding into historic preservation, hotels and restaurants.

Lisa Joins Her Family

Jackie and Paul’s daughter joined her parents as junior partner. Business growth soon required a shop addition.

Continuous Improvement

We continued historic preservation projects including: The Blackwell Hotel and later Mountain West Bank, Ione (shown). We further developed our on-site repair working at Kootenai Medical and Gozzer Ranch.

Moved to Rathdrum

We continued to grow. The 5 person team then included 4 skilled craftspeople and an office manager.

Expansion & Certification

A dedicated upholstery wing was added and a certification program for craftsman training was started.

We increased to 8 skilled crafts-
people and an office manager.
We continue to grow.

We celebrate 40 years serving the Inland Northwest!

Paul Jackie Lisa