fill and refinish


  • If a rung or leg of a chair is broken or missing can you repair it or make a new one?

    Yes, if possible and it doesn’t compromise the structural integrity, we like to repair the original piece, but we can also make new pieces install them and color them to match.

  • Can you refinish just the top of a table, desk or dresser and match the color and sheen?

    Yes, if only the top shows signs of wear or damage we can refinish just the top of a piece and custom match the color and sheen to the original look to ensure that it looks exactly like the base.

  • Do you refinish kitchen and bathroom cabinets?

    Only if they can be removed and brought to our shop to allow us to strip, sand, stain, and finish. Then they can be reinstalled in your home or office.

  • Do you repair veneer?

    Yes, depending on the type of veneer, the intensity of the damage, and location of the damaged area we can reveneer a whole top, patch in new veneer or use a wood epoxy filler to fill the area and then color and grain it in so you would never know there was a damaged area.

  • Can you remove water marks that are black or white?

    Yes, depending on how much damage the water has caused, refinishing may be necessary; but many times the water mark can be chemically removed and only minor touch up is then needed.

  • Can you repair burned areas?

    Yes, depending on how much damage has been done, refinishing may be necessary; but many times minor filling and/or touch up will do the trick to remove or cover over the burned area.

  • What products do you use and recommend for dusting and polishing?

    Guardsman Furniture Polish. This product has no silicone or wax and will enhance the natural intended beauty of your piece without ever damaging the wood or finish.

  • Do you repair/replace caning, rushing, and danish cord?

    Yes, most of the time complete replacement is necessary to ensure the structural integrity of the woven area. The pricing depends upon the pattern and the size of the area.

  • Do you do wicker repair?

    We do minor repairs on natural (not plastic) wicker furniture to ensure stability and restoration or preserve the original design. This also includes pattern matching and color matching of the wicker as needed.

  • What is the difference between hand caning and prewoven caning?

    Prewoven caning comes on a roll with the desired pattern woven into it much a like a roll of fabric. It comes in a number of different sizes and patterns and is cut to size, soaked in a water solution for a number of hours, and pressed in to a continuous groove that goes around an opening. Then a spline of wood is glued and pressed into that groove to hold the caning in place.

    Hand caning comes in a hank or bundle of individual strands and must be hand woven in a specific sequence to achieve the desired pattern. A hand caned area has small holes all the way around the opening to allow the weaving of the individual strands in and out to secure the caning.

  • Can my furniture or woodwork be repaired, touched up or refinished on location?

    Very rarely can this be done and each situation is evaluated carefully by one of our doctors before the decision is made. Please call or email and we would be glad to answer any questons about this process.

  • Do you perform grain filling?

    Yes, grain filling can be done on any piece but usually only recommended for pianos and table tops. Grain filling fills in the soft areas of the wood grain to achieve a surface with no wood grain indentations achieving a surface that is as smooth as glass. This process is usually done on more porous woods such as walnut, mahogany and oak. Any color and sheen can be accomplished in grain filling.

  • Can you repair or replace my broken or missing hardware?

    Yes, as long as you have an original piece we make a mold and cast a new piece therefore achieving an exact reproduction allowing us to make new hardware which will match the old. We are able to make minor hardware repairs and have sources for both antique hardware, reproduction pieces and new hardware. Both old and new hardware can also be polished to a high gloss look, cleaned, or antiqued to achieve the desired look.