Gluing Joint

  • Joint Repairs

    We have a very detailed, systematic way of re-gluing loose joints. We do not just squirt some glue in the joint, or tighten the joint with a nail or screw. Old glue needs to be removed before the new glue can penetrate and bond to the wood. First we separate the loose joints, label them, remove all the old glue off both sides of the joint, then apply new glue, align, and clamp the piece in place.

  • Fabrication

    We can fabricate broken or missing pieces, secure old veneer or apply new veneer, or remold broken or damaged carving.

  • Filling

    Dog chews and deep gouges are fixed with a two part epoxy putty. We then faux paint the grain to hide the repair and top coat with lacquer to match the color and sheen.

  • Woven Crafts

    You can also bring us your hand or factory caned chairs, rushing or danish cord. We’re one of the few shops in the area with the skills to replace it.