Sewing Machine

Wingback chairs, ottomans, recliners, rockers, pillows, or couches…you name it, we can do it!

Upholstery can be the start of a whole new project or the finishing touch. It can give furniture an updated look or an heirloom new life. We evaluate the whole piece from filling and cushions, to structural elements such as springs. These processes make the cost of upholstery close to the price of new furniture. Let our experts help you decide to restore your family favorites so they can be enjoyed fully once again.

When to reupholster:

  • Do you love it?

    Does the furniture have a long family history that holds loads of memeories? Or a unique look you’ve not come across before? If the piece has sentimental value then it’s worth investing in.

  • Is it well built?

    Can you tell if your piece has a hardwood frame, hand-tied springs, or glued wood joints? All of these can be indications it’s well built furniture. You might find new replacements for the same price, but they likely won’t be the same quality.

  • Can it be updated to your taste?

    This is your chance to truly create something custom. We offer over 200 fabric sample books, or you’re welcome to bring your own fabric.

  • Will it cost less than a new piece of furniture?

    There are circumstances where re-upholstering is cheaper than new furniture. Simple wrap seats on dining chairs for example. We encourage people to contact us for a ballpark. You can always shop around and see how it compares to buying new.


  • Can you repair my broken recliner?

    We often receive questions on repairing recliner mechanisms. Unfortunately, we no longer have a source for recliner mechanisms (they are not universal). If you want to take the time to track down the needed part on your own through the furniture store of purchase or an online location such as recliner-handles.com we can install it for you.

  • Can you replace the foam in my cushions?

    Yes! We replace foam in cushions all the time. Our Q35 foam is a higher grade foam that generally holds up longer than what most manufacturers put in their furniture. We also have a variety of densities. It’s an economical way to update your furniture. If you have detached, zippered cushions, bring them in. If your cushions are attached bring the whole piece in for replacement foam.

  • Can you patch my…dog chewn sofa…pocket knifed cushion…etc?

    We don’t do patches, but we often have some creative ideas to help you economically repair your furniture. Send us pictures and we’ll contact you with some options.

  • Do you do boat upholstery?

    At this time we are not currently taking boat upholstery projects.

  • Do you do auto upholstery?

    At this time we are not currently taking auto upholstery projects.